When you check out, either show your barcode to the cashier or enter your alternate ID to use Stepp
Up Rewards.

Your alternate ID for Stepp Up Rewards is the phone number you used to register, with a prefix of
'7' (i.e. 7-555-555-5555).

Stepp Up Rewards can only be used at Estepp's locations.

Yes! In addition to whatever rewards and discounts you earn from Stepp Up Rewards, you will always
receive your Fuel Rewards discount.

We're here to help! Please reach out to steppuprewards.support@esteppenergy.com to open a support
ticket so that we can further assist you.

Kroger Plus Rewards cannot be combined with Fuel Rewards or Stepp Up Rewards.

Still have questions?

Stepp Up Rewards Member support is provided Monday - Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM EST, excluding the public holidays.
Email us at steppuprewards.support@esteppenergy.com or call us at (859) 523-9310.